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from the vatican. the news even pope benedict didn't see coming. this is bay area news at 7:00. good evening, it's monday, b february 11th. we are following several developing stories for you tonight. we begin in richmond, where one man has been taken to the hospital following a officer- involved shooting. it happened about 5:00 this evening. just minutes ago, we got a update from police. the man is in critical condition. they also say they are still trying to figure out what led to the shooting. but they say the man that was shot did have a gun. no one was hurt. now, a swat team was called to a hotel after a
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suspected bank robber barricaded himself in one of the rooms. the man robbed the bank of the west in free month earlier today. and in san francisco, firefighters have made quick work of a two alarm fire in a hawaii rise at second and market. the fire got out of hand, the flames were first reported about 5:40 tonight. the fire went out 20 minutes later. it appeared to be on the 5th floor of the building. a commute train slammed into a big rig severing the truck's cab from its trailer. remarkably, the driver of the big rig was able to walk away unhurt. no one on the train was
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injuried. -- injured. at this point, caltrain tracks trains through that area. delays are up to 50 minutes long. happening now, bart is holding a meeting to educate riders about a new law taking part. it allows a ban from the system. the law will allow them to crack down much quicker on violence and other crimes. >> reporter: that's right. and as you said, the first of three community meetings going on right now. the kaiser center here in oakland. we stepped out a few minutes ago, but two dozen in there right now. so far, bart police have been answering questions from a citizen review board and talking about the additional training officers will get on the mental health homeless use at risk and cultural awareness.
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>> reporter: a new law allows bart to prevent passengers. >> well, we have people that attack our station agents and patrons. obviously there's rights. >> reporter: bart officials say last year alone there were many assaults and unruly behavior. their goal is a safer, cleaner environment for everyone whop uses the system. when it comes to the nonviolent acts, it's going to take three abouts in 90 consecutive days to get a prohibition order. >> i hope that it doesn't carry over. for instance, i'm not a criminal, and i wouldn't commit vandalism or anything, but i don't want to be profiled. >> this law will pretty much put people into -- i think it
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would be a outrage. >> if somebody is involved in serious bad issues, i think it's reasonable to ban them as long as there's a process in play to make sure it's not something minor. >> reporter: firms tell us the law is not aimed at protesters. there will also be a judicial review process for people who believe they were banned unfairly. live in oakland. channel 2 news. a 14-year-old is hospitalized tonight after he was hit by a car in concord. the boy was in a crosswalk just before 1:00 this afternoon. they say he's a freshman at a high school. he's been taken to children's hospital oakland. he niece a coma and needed surgery to relief pressure on his brain. he is said to be cooperating
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with authorities. tonight, on the 10:00 news, why residents tell us this is a dangerous intersection. two women are under areas involving a 4-year-old boy. this happened in the old navy story. a 22-year-old bay point woman took her and her 4-year-old son inside and stole several items. when a guard approached her, she pulled out a if i have and got away in a waiting car drive by another woman. officers located and arrested both women this just minutes. the boy is now with relatives. also in concord, police are looking for leads in a series of tire slashings. investigators say at least 60 vehicles were targeted. business is up, but if it damaged tires leaves small pinholes, which means it's like a ice pick and not a life that is used.
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allegations of employees are involved in a ring where workers in two divisions sent and received pornography images and gambled online while at work. investigators say that activity is a violation of city policy and could lead to termination. >> any time you get a allegation of this sort, you have to take the appropriate action to send the message than it's not oak to betray the public's trust. we tried to contact and we're waiting to hear back. they say they started the investigation month mrs. ago after getting a tip from a whistle blower. now to today's surprise announcement from the vatican. just two days before the beginning of lent, pope benedict xvi announced his resignation making him the
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first pope to step down in almost 600 years. even those closest to him say they were shocked. >> i have to be honest, i'm as shocked as all of you. >> it's very startling. i was totally unprepared for it. even the pope's cardinals and closest aids didn't see this coming. >> reporter: they say he'll resign at the end of this month because he doesn't have the physical strengthty carry out the duties. he's had a relatively short tenure, it was just 2005. >> joseph had always been considered such a traditionalist. i think this is really the proof of that. >> reporter: elected at the age of 78. benedict was one of the oldest pope's selected in 300 years. he said that was evident when he traveled with him in cuba
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last year. >> i understand that his doctors have told him he should not travel internationally. we saw him pacing himself or his handlers pacing him so as not to exhaust him. the vatican spokesperson says the hope is to have a new pope in place by easter. >> i think more likely, it will be somebody from europe or latin america or another one of the continents. i think there is too much concern about too much concentration of power in america. >> the house speaker, the highest ranking catholic in congress says this decision shows the humility and love of church. more details now, san francisco issued a statement saying in part, the decision to step down was motivated of his
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own discernment of what best serves the good of church. people in the bay area they they are surprised. the noon mass went on as scheduled. parishioners told us while they're shocked, they support his decision. >> it's wise. this pope is saying, you know, my health can't handle this. i can't really travel anymore which is a big part of this. >> some parishioners told us they're already thinking ahead about who might replace pope benedict. pope benedict was listed the 265th year leader of the catholic church. the last time a acting pope stepped down was pope gregory the 12th in the year 1415. we posted a special section for
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you at with more information. just look for the tab right there at the top of our home page. san francisco has raisedless than half the money needed -- raised less than half the money needed. the mayor's office says it is stepping up efforts to raise the cash in time, but some residents say they were duped by the promises of a event. they fear the city will end using tax dollars to pay for it. arizona based go daddy today opened up its new office in sun nival. we wanted to find the best talent we could. sunnyvale has great talent and
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ideas. >> ping-pong and fear of speedersball, even beer on fap. the 40 employees have been hired to work there. the company says it hopes to double that are number by next year. on wallstreet, the dow lost 21 points. has dakota fell one. today a quake would have been much hennier a warning system had not stopped all train. one senator from los angeles has imposed legislation that would install such a system here in california with a estimated cost of $80 million. a marriage ceremony with a powerful message. the groom's race against time and the hope that are one guest
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can provide the gift of life. >> a warning trend is underway around the bay area. coming up hark you can expect for tomorrow. and when i expect you'll see the warmest day you're on timeout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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san francisco fire crews rescued a man stuck on a cliff. the man tried to climb up the rocks at the north end of baker beach, then got stuck and couldn't get back down. rescue teams got the man back to the top. the call for help came in about 1:0. by 2 -- 1:40. delays for commuters. caltrain says it has spent more than $2 million a year repairing damage in the bay area. as a result, it's making its meter boxes more secure and
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switches toless valuable -- less valuable aluminum. caltrain worked to improve one of bay areas. consumer today got a up-close look at the county highway 4 widening project and how soon it will ease your commute. >> reporter: a billion dollars of road widening and right of way clearing will revolutionize this road. this should abate by 2015. >> a brand new four lane facility including a median that's prepared for the extension of bart all the way out to hill cbs. >> over the course of a year, that extra 20 minutes adds up to time not spent in your car. it will haul passengers another
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12-miles. >> taking additional cars off the road in this corridor will help improve air quality and mobility. >> simply get off bart and walk 30 fight across the platform. >> improve the quality of people's lives. let them spend more time with their families, let them get home sooner, reduce the stress. >> this long awaited projects from the new bay bridge improvements will be dramatic. all those infrastructure were originally built 75 years ago during the great depression. so, now, here we are, 75 years later, we need to reinvest in transportation to we can move around the bay area. tom, k tv u channel 2 news. >> a fully engulfed mercedes
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benz. now, the latest in a man hunt for a former lapd officer accused of going on a revenge killing spree. today, they announced murder and attempted murder charges against christopher dorner. and there are two special circumstance allegations that go with that murder charge. with also have obtained a no bail arrest warrant for this individual's apprehension. >> the new charge could moo mean the death penalty for dorner who is accused of killing several. meanwhile, the authorities are still searching for him. a $1 million award is being offered for information leading to his arrest. happening now, gun sales discussions are underway.
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we'll have to issues on table here and whether the public was adequately informed. tonight's is a continuation of last week's heated discussion. the owner of the sporting good store says he has received a death threat. today, three victims were identified in a rural city yesterday morning while filming for a new show on the discovery channels. a couple renews their vows. they tell us they're hoping their will inspire a personal donation. >> with california's attorney general presiding.
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today, they renewed their vows five months after a hasty hospital wedding. >> kevin was on a ventilator. he could shake his head and say, yes, he'd marry me. but the forceful woman that i am, i wanted it done and i wanted it to happen. >> reporter: he suffers from a rare illness and needs to find a do nor of a bone marrow transplant within months. >> i think when people are educated about that opportunity, most folks will step town the plate. >> reporter: the couple used today's ceremony to highlight the shortage of marrow donors in certain learn races. >> . >> reporter: they hope to register 1,000 new potential donors. dozens of friends and strangers volunteered dna swabs ahead of the wedding. i actually had no idea how easy it was to be tested to see if i was a match. >> i thought it would be a good
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deed. >> their goal: save kevin and others suffering from cancer. >> their worries should be about getting healed and not looking for a do nor. but we're going to change that. anyone interested in becoming a potential marrow do nor can go and find out more about the process and register online. the golden state warriors will be sporting a hole new look. they unveiled new uniforms today. the shirts are snug. they have short sleeves. they're lighter in weight than the new sleeveless ones. that's one of four times the team will use these knew uniforms this season. they may be the best known bay area band. the home coming that is sure to provide rock and roll fire works. it is hard to believe we are in the middle of winter.
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how soon will we see temperatures in the 70s. next
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the weekend blizzard in the northeast is gone, but, boy, the troubles remain. tonight, some are still without power. people tried to return to work. icy conditions led to accidents
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and closures on heavily commuted roadways. one woman in massachusetts say she and six overs shovel for six hours straight to free their cars. yeah, i this i on a daily basis, i'm griping about, buoy, we need that rain. in fact, we have a warming trend getting to the bay area. you may have felt it today. anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees warmer than where we were yesterday. temperatures up a degree or two. 51 degrees right now. concord. 46 nevada so cooling off pretty fast. now, take a look at how chilly
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already. 52 in oakland. 53 redwood city. 46 at half moon bay with mostly clear skies overhead and a north early flow. you can expect another more chilly started tomorrow morning. there it is. here is the east side. we're -- or at the west side. we're right along the east side here and that north flow continuing over the area. the ridge is going to continue to build our way, and that's what will continue to warm us up. so tomorrow morning, a chilly start once again back in the 30s for many of us. a mild afternoon, with numbers warming anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees what we felt today. so we get out the door tomorrow morning, 33 in santa rosa. mid 30s to mid 40s around the bay. mid 30s redwood city. perhaps even a bit of patchy frost for low lying areas. your forecasted high for the
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afternoon. 67 for you. mid 60s nevada. mid to upper 60 right around oakland. we're looking at low 60s for concord. 65 for santa crus. your extended forecast. it's going to be a mild wednesday. how about that valentines day? it's going to be george georgeous. wow, thank you. beck lee bay green day is coming back home. this will be the first show in the bay area since the band cancelled it's tour a few -- its tour a few months back. tickets go on sale on friday. thank you for trusting to channel 2 news. we'll see you at the next news
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break. tonight, we're following a officer involved shooting we told you about in richmond. also, we'll have a update on the 14-year-old boy who was hit in concord. good night. everybody. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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